Town of Clifton


Taxes and Fees

Copy of Documents:                    .20 cents per page unless otherwise specified in this schedule.

Marquee Rental:                           Monday thru Thursday $10.00 

                                                           Weekend rate covers Friday – Sunday $20.

Police Report Fees including accident reports:

                                                1-5 pages        $5.00               Call for Service page   $2.00

                                                6-10 pages      $10.00

                                                11-15 pages    $15.00

                                                16-20 pages    $20.00

                                                21-35 pages    $35.00

                                                36+ pages       $50.00

Processing fee for any other Law Enforcement Records request involving research or data compilation:  $20.00 per hour

*Victims of crimes against person’s i.e. domestic violence, assault, etc. will NOT be charged a fee for copies of reports.

Verbatim Transcripts         $5.75 per page (certification included).

Council Meeting tapes       $10.00 per tape.         

Fax Service Fees:                 $1.00 per page (sending or receiving).


Impound Hearings              $150.00 non-refundable cash or money order to be paid at Town

                                                Hall. (Monday’s only C1 will call with time).

Vehicle Inspections       $5.00 (Wednesday’s C1 will call with time).

Fingerprinting                  $5.00  (Wednesday’s 8:00 – 16:30)

                                                Upon officers availability have them call before they come in.

                                                They must also bring cards in.

Town Facility Rentals

Train Station/Community Center: $75.00 per function plus $100.00 refundable deposit based on rental terms

*Non-Profit Organization(s) must provide proof of non-profit status prior to reserving the facility at NO Charge, otherwise a $100 Deposit and the appropriate fees are required prior to reservation.

Commercial Property Rentals:  Individual Agreements will be negotiated for terms and fees on a case by case basis.



Miscellaneous Fees

Town sales tax:
Bed tax:
Use tax:
Property tax:
Yes—The property tax rate is 3.4936.

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