Town of Clifton


Where the Trail Begins

Flood Sirens

Clifton lies in a beautiful canyon with a year-round river running through its heart. As scenic as it is, it does present the potential for flooding. In fact, Clifton has experienced major flood events over the years.

‚ÄčTo mitigate such events, the Town has partnered with state and federal agencies to construct flood walls, levees, gates and more to keep waters at bay. In addition, emergency plans are detailed and regularly revisited with trainings and exercises to make sure we're a step ahead of any situation.

An important warning system is our flood siren network. These sirens will notify residents of impending danger as waters rise, and with an evacuation alert should it be needed. Please watch this short video to familiarize yourself with these tones. The sirens are tested on the first Tuesday of each month at noon and at 6:00pm. These are only tests.