South Clifton around 1915.  The main points are from bottom left:  company baseball field, next to the field is the Arizona Copper Company store, center left is the Clifton Armory, at the base of the mountain at right center is the South Clifton School, to the right of that is the county courthouse and jail, and at the extreme right is Clifton High School.  Photo courtesy of the Greenlee County Historical Society.

Historical photos of Clifton, Arizona

This view of Shannon Hill is around 1915.  The tall building next to the river is the Princess Theatre, one of the several venues for plays and shows.  The Shannon Hill School is near the hill’s edge and behind the school to the right is the Shannon Copper Company General Store.  Photo courtesy of the Greenlee County Historical Society.

The Arizona Copper Company smelter south of Clifton processed ore in the later years of the company.  This facility processed ore from Douglas for a time as well.  The original road between Clifton and Duncan is at the extreme bottom right.   Photo courtesy of Jackie Norton.

Ad from the December 3, 1909 Copper Era announcing upcoming shows at the Clifton Theatre, which was located on the Eastside.  Fatty Arbuckle was in this touring company.  Courtesy of the Arizona State Library.

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Town of Clifton